Reviews of Off The Grid

“Slices of island history and culture, bursts of volcanology, and descriptions of the island’s lush and singular flora and fauna pad the narrative. Those fascinated by Hawaii will best appreciate this one.”
Publishers Weekly

Off the Grid is flush with action and vivid descriptions. This unputdownable book is sure to make a mark in the literary world.”
New York Journal of Books

“Readers who crave watching a smart cop work in a crackerjack police procedural will find a beauty here.”
— Booklist

"Overall, I’d give this book 5 out of 5 stars. It felt like my own private Hawaiian vacation with lots of adventure, from the safe comfort of my own home."
— Books I Think You Should Read

"Koa is a great character and the story set on the island of Hawaii makes for a great location. The story has quite a few twists and turns and keeps the reader engaged throughout until the climatic ending."
Red Carpet Crash

"You won't be disappointed...well, except when you finish it. Putting this book down is like missing a best friend. "
Momma Fargo

"Once McCaw gets into the story it’s like a roller coaster, the story kept me involved... if you’re looking for a new mystery writer give McCaw a read."
— Tea, Chocolate and Books

"It is a solid mystery with plenty of twists right up to the surprise ending. The author cleverly develops the story and the clues into a well-crafted suspense. You’ll enjoy this one."
— Mystery Suspense Reviews

"Need a really good beach read? You can't go wrong with Robert McCaw's new release, Off the Grid. This captivating mystery, set in Hawai'i, will keep you absorbed from first page until the last."

"This is the perfect summer read for murder mystery lovers and is bound to keep you captivated until the very end."
The Nerdy Girl Express

"This is a remarkable international thriller plot that will more than satisfy others who love to read this particular genre... Well done, Robert McCaw." 
Crystal Book Reviews

Off the Grid is an intriguing crime mystery novel with enough plot twists to keep the reader turning pages until its jaw dropping ending... A definite must-read."
SA Examiner

“Totally unique and as powerful as shoreline tsunami, Off the Grid sends the reader into the outer limits of the criminal mind – and it succeeds. Sizzling like a black and blue steak on the grill this murder mystery sparks its own heat!”
Champagne Living

"This book checks all the boxes – a great venue in Hawaii’s backcountry which is artistically described, a strong protagonist in Koa Kane, a troubling crime that begs to be uncovered, obstacles to solving the case, bad police supervisors, and a love story. The plot is well told and the character development is excellent. This one gets my strong recommendation."
Men Reading Books

"Off the Grid is a page turner that is lots of fun to read. The artifice that captures the mastermind behind the plot is worthy of Sherlock Holmes himself. To say any more might spoil the fun."
English Plus Language Blog

"A great read by a talented author."
— On Reading and Writing

"Dedicated mystery readers will particularly like Off the Grid. Readers in Hawai’i will like reading about their home turf."
— The Cyber Librarian

"A well-plotted mystery with a wide cast of characters and far-reaching connections, with just enough departmental politics to keep Koa feeling like a real person doing a real job."
The Fiction Addiction

"I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good murder mystery. Add it to your summer must read list now!"

"If you don’t know McCaw, this crime novel, Off the Grid, is the place to start―grisly murders, smart cops and agents, and a unique sense of place on the island of Hawaii.”
Pick of the Literate

"If you like police procedural dramas and mysteries, you’ll enjoy Off the Grid." 
Read Yourself Happy

The ending was absolutely brilliant. The suspense is well-maintained throughout the story. The reader is in for a lot of surprises, especially in the second half of the book. If you like books of the genre mystery and thriller - especially a well-concocted police procedural then I recommend you to read Off the Grid.”
The Book Decoder