Reviews of Death of a Messenger

"McCaw creates great mysteries that keep you guessing and his work on [Death of a Messenger] showcases Koa Kane’s start and how he came to be the detective we have seen in Fire and Vengeance and Off the Grid...a mystery that is full of twists and turns and fully immerses you in the beauty of the islands, with a curious dark edge."
— The Nerdy Girl Express

Reviews of Fire and Vengeance

"Fire and Vengeance is a treat as well as a learning experience about a different culture. The time spent immersed in the Hawaiian way of life ended up being well worth it, and the culture was practically another character in the story. Fire and Vengeance is hard to put down once things started rolling, and the result is an immensely satisfying thriller.”
— Criminal Element

"McCaw has again cooked up a tasty stew with ingredients from a mix of staples from the crimefiction pantry…makes for fine reading.”

"Interesting local details and a crackling pace”
Kirkus Reviews

"Fire and Vengeance is a meticulous mystery. In [this] winding thriller, a conflicted cop wrangles a conspiracy and a family emergency."
— Foreword Reviews

"Koa becomes entangled in a sticky web of deceit as he uncovers a conspiracy that dates back decades.”
Publishers Weekly

“One of the best mysteries of the year...both realistic and compelling."
— Midwest Book Review

“One of the best mysteries of the year."
— Mysteries Galore

"A highly addictive plot, phenomenal characterization, a hook that immediately places the reader in the story, and easily relatable storyline, and education of living on a volcano and Hawaii all excel in Fire and Vengeance."
— Bestsellers World

“[A] plot-driven mystery that gets bigger and bigger. And to solve what prove to be multiple crimes requires a lot of ingenuity and plotting on the part of the Hawaii police. Yes, Fire and Vengeance is ingenious and igneous fun."
English Plus

"I think that Robert McCaw is going to go far in the publishing arena.  This book had a very complex plot and plenty of action...I really enjoyed the book and recommend it.”
— Pick of the Literate

"I raved about the second book, Off the Grid, and this one is equally gripping...Now, I’ll go back and pick up McCaw’s first book in the series, Death of a Messenger."
― Men Reading Books

"Needless to say, this is fun fast read that will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat the whole way."
― TracyReaderDad

“Will keep you on the edge of your seat. McCaw has done a great job of crafting a story that will keep you guessing and wondering what will happen until the very end.”
The Nerdy Girl Express

"This is an excellent novel from start to finish. I loved the layers to this story, I could never had envisioned the ending but it was perfect for this novel. This is a definite must read – take advantage of this downtime and pick up a copy of this book, you will not be disappointed.”
Working Mommy Journal

"This is going to come down as one of my favorite detective stories and I am a fan of Robert McCaw's intense writing that kept me up for way too late and immersed me into this amazing story line full of drama, suspense and the thrill of the hunt. I highly recommend this book!”
Nurse Bookie

"Well written with a steady pace so that you can digest each step, it is a brilliant but heartbreaking story.”
Sue Hampson, Books From Dusk Til Dawn

"Fire and Vengeance is an unputdownable and riveting mystery….one of the best books I read in 2020.”
The Book Decoder

"This is a thriller full of tension and drama, it’s a slow burn which builds to make a thoroughly engrossing, edge of your seat read.”
— The Bookwormery

"Instantly captivating, Fire and Vengeance begins by throwing the reader straight into the action and throughout the novel there is not a lag in any of it.”
— Read the Week

"I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who likes police procedurals. It will give you one heck of a ride.”
— JenJen Reviews

"It is a fascinating read, with the action flowing effortlessly through the pages, aided in part by down to earth dialogue...This page turner is the perfect summer read – pack it in your beach bag.”
— SA Examiner

"I haven’t read a lot of books set in Hawaii or focusing on volcanic activity; I found both fascinating, and McCaw’s descriptions intrigued me and held my attention throughout. The characters were a great mix of personalities, quirks, and foibles. Good or bad, they were presented warts and all, and I enjoyed the detail because it really brought the story to life for me.”
— All Things Jill-Elizabeth

“If you’re looking for a page-turner to keep you up at night, then look no further.”
— Hasty Book List

"If you favor true parallels to the real world, grit, action, and page turning stories with plot twists laid out in a well written mystery, then look no further."
The Boogie Man Is My Friend

“[An] intricate, woven tale of mystery and suspense.”
— The Book Review Station

"This one will keep you turning pages long into the night! It's like a vacation from your stay-cation! Don't miss it!"
Bless Their Hearts Mom

"Another great thrilling Hawaiian novel with a great character in Koa, a man with a heart of gold, who tries to do what’s right by people. The story starts off strong and is a great ride until the climactic ending."
— Red Carpet Crash

"In Fire and Vengeance, the author has provided a well-structured plot that wasn’t too outlandish, a good pace to the story, and, most importantly a book that kept me interested.”
— Joyful Antidotes

"Lies, deception and greed as author Robert McCaw creates an ending you will not expect and a twist that will shock you."
— Just Reviews

"Well written with a steady pace so that you can digest each step, it is a brilliant but heartbreaking story."
— Books From Dusk Til Dawn

"I imagined myself on a warm beach enjoying the mystery. Nice job, Mr. McCaw."
— If Cats Could Read

"This is a gritty, fast-paced mystery that will keep you guessing! I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can’t wait to read more about Chief Detective Koa Kane!"
— Kerri McBookNerd

"I couldn’t put the book down! I was at the edge of my seat, wondering what would be revealed next...a well-written, fast-paced book that I think most readers will enjoy."
— Riana Shahid

"Between the current building crime, the college history of several key players, and Koa’s own family, there’s a lot of conflict to resolve and truths to unravel. I’d recommend it for those who like suspense and police procedurals."
— Books I Think You Should Read

"McCaw packs a lot of action and intrigue into this book, and you’ll feel like you’re sleuthing right alongside Koa Kane."
— Read with Aimee

"Fire and Vengeance is a compulsive, satisfying adventure."
— The Cyber Librarian

“A fast-paced thriller with a brilliant cultural background of the Big Island region in the Hawaii...Highly recommended!"
— Rain’n’Books

"Robert McCaw has constructed a tightrope of a novel that stretches the nerves of its readers just as perilously as a rope across Hualālai’s crater."
— A Girl and Her Book Reviews
"This was a fast-paced book and the page-turner I was looking for. The reveal at the end was well presented and the last piece of the jigsaw was surprising and it tied everything together. The characters were richly described and fully dimensional. I look forward to reading more titles in this series."
— The Book Cosy

"[Fire and Vengeance] is truly an excellent story. It can be read independently of the two previous novels, a skill many authors don’t have. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot, characters, and settings.”
— Bookpleasures

"This is a well-written, complicated crime story with a marvelous sense of place.”
—Midwest Book Review

Reviews of Off The Grid

“Slices of island history and culture, bursts of volcanology, and descriptions of the island’s lush and singular flora and fauna pad the narrative. Those fascinated by Hawaii will best appreciate this one.”
Publishers Weekly

Off the Grid is flush with action and vivid descriptions. This unputdownable book is sure to make a mark in the literary world.”
New York Journal of Books

“Readers who crave watching a smart cop work in a crackerjack police procedural will find a beauty here.”
— Booklist

"Readers who love a complex hard-boiled detective with flaws and secrets, and depictions of Hawaiʻi’s culture and beauty, will be drawn to Koa Kāne and the mosaic richness of an American paradise. Mahalo."

"Overall, I’d give this book 5 out of 5 stars. It felt like my own private Hawaiian vacation with lots of adventure, from the safe comfort of my own home."
— Books I Think You Should Read

"Koa is a great character and the story set on the island of Hawaii makes for a great location. The story has quite a few twists and turns and keeps the reader engaged throughout until the climatic ending."
Red Carpet Crash

"You won't be disappointed...well, except when you finish it. Putting this book down is like missing a best friend. "
Momma Fargo

"Once McCaw gets into the story it’s like a roller coaster, the story kept me involved... if you’re looking for a new mystery writer give McCaw a read."
— Tea, Chocolate and Books

"It is a solid mystery with plenty of twists right up to the surprise ending. The author cleverly develops the story and the clues into a well-crafted suspense. You’ll enjoy this one."
— Mystery Suspense Reviews

"Need a really good beach read? You can't go wrong with Robert McCaw's new release, Off the Grid. This captivating mystery, set in Hawai'i, will keep you absorbed from first page until the last."

"This is the perfect summer read for murder mystery lovers and is bound to keep you captivated until the very end."
The Nerdy Girl Express

"This is a remarkable international thriller plot that will more than satisfy others who love to read this particular genre... Well done, Robert McCaw." 
Crystal Book Reviews

Off the Grid is an intriguing crime mystery novel with enough plot twists to keep the reader turning pages until its jaw dropping ending... A definite must-read."
SA Examiner

“Totally unique and as powerful as shoreline tsunami, Off the Grid sends the reader into the outer limits of the criminal mind – and it succeeds. Sizzling like a black and blue steak on the grill this murder mystery sparks its own heat!”
Champagne Living

"This book checks all the boxes – a great venue in Hawaii’s backcountry which is artistically described, a strong protagonist in Koa Kane, a troubling crime that begs to be uncovered, obstacles to solving the case, bad police supervisors, and a love story. The plot is well told and the character development is excellent. This one gets my strong recommendation."
Men Reading Books

"Off the Grid is a page turner that is lots of fun to read. The artifice that captures the mastermind behind the plot is worthy of Sherlock Holmes himself. To say any more might spoil the fun."
English Plus Language Blog

"A great read by a talented author."
— On Reading and Writing

"Dedicated mystery readers will particularly like Off the Grid. Readers in Hawai’i will like reading about their home turf."
— The Cyber Librarian

"A well-plotted mystery with a wide cast of characters and far-reaching connections, with just enough departmental politics to keep Koa feeling like a real person doing a real job."
The Fiction Addiction

"I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good murder mystery. Add it to your summer must read list now!"

"If you don’t know McCaw, this crime novel, Off the Grid, is the place to start―grisly murders, smart cops and agents, and a unique sense of place on the island of Hawaii.”
Pick of the Literate

"If you like police procedural dramas and mysteries, you’ll enjoy Off the Grid." 
Read Yourself Happy

The ending was absolutely brilliant. The suspense is well-maintained throughout the story. The reader is in for a lot of surprises, especially in the second half of the book. If you like books of the genre mystery and thriller - especially a well-concocted police procedural then I recommend you to read Off the Grid.”
The Book Decoder